Question -- Junk & NonJunk on the same message..?

I’ve been wanting to ask this for a while… We frequently see an individual email tagged as it arrives as both Junk and NonJunk at the same time. Those to me seem as polar opposites – it’s either junk or not junk but both?

Is this perhaps a function of spam filtering done by our domain’s email system? I just thought I’d ask as it’s frequently wrong for certain bucketed types of email we receive from our credit card processor. Thanks!

Capture - 90as9012900asklas

By the way… I logged into our webmail system for this email account and looked at the offending messages and they’re not tagged as spam:

X-Spam-Status: No

There are other headers present for DKIM, MailScanner,DMARKFilter and all are OK, It doesn’t appear on the surface anyway that the spam status was set by our mailer…

Those tags are not added by eM Client, unless you setup a Rule to do so. If you didn’t setup a Rule, then they either come from your server, or from another app connecting to the same account.

Ok… I’ve been looking at our webmail to see if anything was set on that side of things… Its been something that I’ve been wanting to figure out. I’ll send a note to our admins and see what they can tell me and also look at Thunderbird which is also being used on our network and perhaps it’s doing this flagging for whatever reason. Thanks for the input!