Question for reason of name-only at inbox sender address. Any add-on available?

Dear users,
first of all: Thank you very much to the developer of this mailprogram for their effort. It covers all what I need.
I was already searching in this forum if there is a possibility to show the sender address in the inbox instead of the name. Only the name is shown and it is currently possible only through the detour of the contact details. But with this way I have a 3rd row permanent open in my inbox layout which I don´t like and it is unconfortable.
May I ask the developer of this mailprogram why there is no function to chose between name only, name and mailadress or only mailadress? Or is there somebody who was creating an add-on for this feature? When I see how many people already asked for such a function I wonder why the developer doesn´t concern this in their updates. Seems that this is a needed feature. Maybe someone can give me an answer…?

Kind regards

You can change this in Menu > Settings > Mail > Read.

This will allow you to have either just the name, if the sender has provided that, or name and address.

Hi Gary,
thanks for your quick reply. This option is already ticked (active) but without success. I got shown only names without the full mailaddress. Any other ideas?

Kind regards

Yes, the message list will always show only the name if the sender has given one. That is to make the best use of the space available.