Question about update and gmail authentification

when updating eM Client on my laptop to version 6.0.24144.0 I had a window showing gmail account exactly like when installing an application on android smartphone. Clic on “authorise” did not work, so, I closed the window. Fortunately eM Client works.
But I’d like to know if this a new feature? Why I did not had same thing when updating on computer? And why only with one gmail account (I have two).

Hi France,
this might be a gmail issue actually, do you have 2-step verification set up? Or is the security on these 2 gmail accounts different? Maybe the gmail servers want you to re-authenticate your account to make sure you really are logging to the same email from different devices. Have you tried re-adding the account anew?


Hi Olivia,
I think you are wright. Because this happended only for one gmail account which did not have 2-steps verification. Thanks for your answer.