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Is it possible that the notes are not stored locally, but on a server to be synchronized?

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Hopefully this will answer your question.

Some types of accounts can synchronise notes. Eg: If you have an Exchange (ews) account and two different eM Client installations, then you will be able to synchronize the Notes. Same goes for Office365 and IceWarp accounts.

(em Client V9 notes support blog).

(Quote extract)

“eM Client fully supports local and server-side synching of Notes”.

“Write fancy notes with pictures and attachments, organize them via tags, and sync notes across all your devices. Works with Exchange, Office365 and IceWarp”

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Are there any plans to implement a common IMAP notes feature?

Using IMAP a notes folder could be created to hold all notes and notes could be linked to an ID in this folder. The notes folder should only be used to internally store notes (e.g. related to the message ID of each message or a folder name)

I mean, normally emclient customers do NOT want to use outlook, thus Exchange is definitely not the prefered platform for your customers. So supporting notes synchronization only on exchange (like) platforms seems a bit weird to me.

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Yes, we already have that for Pro license users. They can add notes to their emails.

It is not restricted to IMAP accounts, but it may not work with all servers.

It then shows up as an icon in the message list, and a partial preview in the message preview.

Thank you for your quick reply, Gary.

So I guess notes are primarily a local feature and if the server supports something (whatever that is) notes are also stored/synchronized on the server. Is there any special server feature that I should ask my provider about so notes can be store on a “normal” mailserver like postfix?

What I mean by it won’t work with all servers is that if the server changes the UID of the message, the note will be lost. It is not common, but it happens. But yes, it is a local feature, which means it is not synced through the server to another installation of eM Client (except with Exchange). The notes only exist on that device with IMAP accounts.

You can find out more about message notes in our Blog here.

Guess that’s not what you are looking for.

The other Notes feature is a little different as it is a folder with individual notes but they are not linked to a message. It only works with Exchange, IceWarp and O365 servers if you want to sync between devices. Or you can just store them in Local Folders, so they exist on that device only.

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