Question about importing folders

I am a non-techie pensioner so patience please!
Was trying to keep Windows Live Mail which I used with TalkTalk but have just changed to Virgin, they’re having trouble, so am considering eM.
I stuck with W Live Mail so long cos I have hundreds of folders going back years with many subjects. I need to know can I - or my computer guy - import all those folders of emails and contacts etc, into eM?
And will they keep the same folder names and be incorporated into your email page format
Currently all my emails are backed up to a hard drive.
Do I understand that eM is web based so presumably there is some kind of automatic back up to the cloud? Sorry I may not be phrasing this correctly but trying to get my old head around it.
I signed on here with FB so does that mean I get a reply thro FB or will it be an email?
Thanks so much

Hi David.

As long as WLM is still installed on the computer, it is fairly easy to import everything into eM Client. Simply start eM Client and go to Menu > File > Import > Windows Live Mail. You can choose to import everything, or just selected items.

The imported data should keep the same folders as before.

eM Client is not web based. It is installed on your computer, and the database is also stored on your computer. If your email account is setup as IMAP or Exchange, then the messages will be primarily stored on the server, with a cached copy stored on your computer. Depending on how WLM was setup this may be different to what you are used to.

eM Client has an automatic backup, which makes a zipped copy of your database to your documents folder.

Please let us know if you have any further questions, or need clarification on something.

Hi Gary
Thanks so much for helping with this useful and valuable info.
I am passing this on to my computer man helping me.
I will get back if more info is needed.
So grateful for your help - I think emclient seems the solution to my problems