Question About Aliases

I have paid for a competing product (interestingly, it is the Other one that claims it’s the “Best email client for Windows”) so you probably know which one I’m talking about.
But two of my friends have tried to convince me that eM Client has a far better interface, and having spent hours reading reviews of eM Client, I believe they are correct.

But before I install eM Client, there is one feature that I need to know about . . .
I use a large number aliases & that is one of my KEY Must-Have features & it must be implemented very well.  But in a couple of on-line reviews of eM Client that I’ve read, the 2 reviewers repeated the same problem: When they sent an email from an Alias they set up in eM, the recipient could easily see the sender’s Main address — Totally defeating the purpose of using Aliases.  Is this a problem that I might experience in the eM Client, or might the reviewers have set up their Aliases incorrectly?  Also, is there a limit to how many aliases someone could use in their account?

Thank you very much for your help!


Hello, I’m probably one of those people you referred to.

Which email service (and aliases) are you referring to? If you mean aliases, then unfortunately the answer is “NO, you can’t send email from an alias that displays or replies to that alias address” This is not an issue with EM Client, but it is the way Microsoft built the service. Microsoft doesn’t seem to see it as a problem, as the active exchange that uses is a relative of Exchange Server, which only allows email to be sent FROM the primary address.

To clarify, if you access the website through a browser, then yes you can send alias email. BUT using any software or mobile device can’t do it. I’ve tried and tested Thunderbird, EM Client, Essential PIM, …even Outlook prior to 2013 on a PC, At least every email app for Android, and 3 for iPhone. Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 could send alias email, but that seems broken in the Windows 10 beta test. Microsoft can’t even support their own services with their own software and products…

So, hope that helps, but probably is bad news. Was for me and I’ve been fighting this fight for 2 years.

Contact me directly if you need additional info

Thank you, Spike, for your reply!
Yes, my Alias Account will Not be (thankfully).  My accounts are •Gmail & •Runbox.
Since I wrote my original post, however, I noticed another issue that makes me think I should wait, perhaps about 6 weeks, before I evaluate my current client against eM::  Too many people are finding that Version 7 RC still has an excessive number of issues.  So I thought that another 4 to 6 weeks might help Version 7 to be a bit more ready for Prime-Time.