Query on Zoom and MS Teams event meetings

I see in the new eM Client V8.2 you can set new Online Meetings for Google Meet, MS Teams and Zoom, but i can only see “Google Meet” in the Event dropdown in my calendar ? See screenshot below.

I do have Zoom installed and use that from time to time, so presumed a Zoom meeting option would appear in the dropdown as well as Google Meet, but doesn’t seem to be the case.

Do I need a eg: specific account installed to be able to create Zoom or MS Team Online Meetings ?

eM Client 8.2 is here with exciting updates | eM Client

Connect eM Client with your favorite videoconferencing tools (Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet).

Set new Online Meetings in your Calendar with one click, and invite your contacts thanks to the new integration with Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet (more to come)


You first need to configure them in your settings:


Then they will show as options in the event dialogue.

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@Gary Ok thankz for the info :smiley:

Me too it took me a while to understand why Zoom and Teams were missing. :wink:

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