Query on Tag colours making matching labels in Gmail

Hi All,
Using the latest eM Client V9.0.1361 if I tag a Gmail inbox email in a certain color, like say “Red” as in the below example, Gmail seems to automatically “create a label” underneath also called “Red”. ?

I only noticed this today when i was looking down my Gmail folders and saw the same label names as the tag colors at the top.

Is this part of the new “matching Gmail Tagging” in eM Client V9 recently ? or possibly a Bug creating the same label folder as the tag color. I see the tag label is also shown online in Gmail as well.



Hi cyberzork,
the synchronization of color is new to eM Client 9, but we have synchronized tags as labels since eM Client 7 :slight_smile: Gmail stores all messages in All Mail (not counting Spam and Trash) and everything else is just ‘Labels’ which work as both folders and corresponding tags in eM Client, exactly as it works in webmail.
If you add a new tag to a message in Gmail and the label does not exist yet, it will be created, and that is by design. But with the new sync options in Menu>Tags you can also remove these labels (but the tag from the message will be removed as well).