Quanii.com is outbound from eMClient

Anyone know what or who quanii.com is? It’s outbound out of the eMClient app, and Malwarebytes is blocking it as a phish. Headed to Thanks.

viernes 24 mayo 2024 :: 0859hrs (UTC +0100)

You should make a search on Google/Bing/DuckDuckgo there is a whole bunch of stuff for you to make a decision, good/bad/indifferent

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That, a search using every term I could think of, is of course the first thing I did. Came up empty … not a single Bing or Google or Yahoo etc hit. That’s why I posted the question. M

It could be from some linked content or a tracking pixel in a message you have received. You can manage settings for external content and tracking pixels in Menu > Settings > Mail > Privacy.

It could be where a sender’s avatar/favicon is located. You can disable downloading avatars from external sources in Menu > Settings > Contacts.

As it just started when we returned from Europe, those are real possibilities. And it might be a bug or contact from there. I will do both of the things you suggest. Many thanks, M