Q: emclient and outlook.com don't sync, does it work at all

I was using windows live mail. But of today. It doesn’t work anymore. Because of the changes to microsoft mail account and windows live mail.

Does emclient support Hotmail, and outlook.com accounts? 

I cant find a place to change to imap or things like that.  

The question itself does the combo emclient and WLM still work stands. but I found a different solution and that is to make a new account using IMAP

Yes!  I moved from WLM 2012 about a year ago because it no longer worked for me.  Just make sure that after you install eM Client that you have the right settings for the accounts.  

If they do not work correctly, read this message thread from a few months back and focus on John A’s replies - they are the most direct and helpful in getting the accounts setup correctly (his advice helped many of us):