Puts ALL messages in junk folder?


Hi, could you please specify the questiona  bit more? Are you receiving any errors what exactly is the behavior of the application?
Can you maybe make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

Sorry - puts all my email in the TRASH folder not my INBOX folder for both yahoo and Hotmail accounts?

Hi, do you by any chance have some rules applied on the server?
Can you make a screenshot of your IMAP settings from Tools > Accounts > Your account.

Thank you,

still struggling to stop it doing it

  • have no rules set

  • sorry but don’t know how to make screen shots?

Hi Paul,

One of the best (but paid) programs to make screen shots is SnagIt:


You can also make screen shots with the free FastStone ImageViewer:


You can make a complete screen shot by pressing the [print screen] key on your keyboard (no need to use a special program).

Make sure that you ‘blur’ (make grey) parts of the screen shot with private information.