Purpose of "smart folders" ?

Whats is the purpose of these “Smart folders”?

Can I delete them?

Can I later re-create them?


The ‘smart folder’ concept is used in several programs I have. At least in these programs (including eM Client) ‘smart’ means a ‘virtual’ folder whose contents change with varying conditions in the rest of the program. The ‘Unread’ smart folder’s contents vary as you (or the program) mark messages as ‘read’ or ‘unread’. You don’t have to update the smart folder manually — it updates automatically. These kinds of folders are basically shortcuts, designed to help you locate certain categories of message quickly.

If you have more than one account, the ‘smart’ system doesn’t distinguish between accounts. For example, I have a POP3 and an IMAP (gmail) account. The ‘smart’ folder for ‘unread’ contains all of the unread messages of  both accounts. If I read a message in either account, it immediately disappears from the ‘smart/unread’ folder. If I mark a message ‘unread’ again, it reappears in the ‘smart/unread’ folder.

If you expand the smart folders you’ll see which categories of ‘smartness’ the system supports: right-click one of the ‘smart’ folders, hover the mouse over ‘Display,’ and you’ll see all of the categories. To display a category, select it from that list. To hide a category, right-click the category itself (underneath ‘Smart Folders’) and click ‘Hide’. I don’t think you can literally delete them, but you can hide and re-display them.

To hide  all’smart’ folders, right-click ‘Smart Folders’ itself and click ‘Hide’. eM Client asks you to confirm the choice.

If at a later time you want to redisplay ‘smart’ folders: Select Menu > Tools  >  Settings  >  General. Then on the right side of the dialog, check the ‘Show Smart Folders’ option.

Hello Mike,
thank you for this wonderful explanation.
I will just confirm that Smart folders really cannot be deleted, just hidden, as you described.