Purchasing licenses after beta

I’ve been running the beta for a few months and plan to purchase 10 for my wife and myself when it is released. Maybe there will be an introductory deal for the roll-out and/or for loyal beta testers! :innocent:

So, I’m holding off to see, but don’t want to find a price increase when it is released. Anything you can share in this regard?


I’d be very surprised if they made any claim in regards to pricing changes or upcoming sales.

Nothing is off the table… a price increase could happen, a sale could happen… or nothing could happen. It’s a gamble - but they often have a good Black Friday deal each year though, so take that how you will.

sábado 08 junio 2024 :: 1118hrs (UTC -0500)

If you have a version of eMC prior to Beta 10 you can hedge your bets by purchasing:
and get the bonus of 1 year VIP support

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