Purchased copy not recognized

Years ago,we purchased eM Client.
Now, I receive messages: operation not available to free eM Client accounts, purchase Pro to access features. Could someone clarify?

I would recommend you contact [email protected]

They don’t answer.

I upgraded four licenses two days ago. Have receipts. Purchased straight through the in-client process. It licensed one copy, but my license manager says I have no upgrades, despite a registration email and a receipt email describing one of those licenses as V8.

An hour later the license I purchased reverted to V7. Now the only evidence I ever paid for the upgrade is the emails.

You’d think at least paying multi-license clients would get support. I’m about to roll this out to a site but there’s no way I’m going to put receptionists and non-technical users through this.

You could try below and raise a ticket, otherwise keep trying sales email.