[ProtonMail] Duplicates Mails locally when Selecting "All Mails"-Folder

I have setup the connection to eM with the Proton-Bridge - it works just fine, but there is one very annoying bug: Selecting “All Mails” under “More” duplicates all Mails, but just inside of eM, in ProtonMail and other clients all Mails just exist once. Does anyone know what might cause it or how to fix it?

Here is a picture showing it - the mail got duplicated, all mails in other folders got duplicated, too.

Can you please go to Menu > Accounts and click on the Diagnostics tab for this email account.

In the Advanced Options, paste in this text:

--imap-list-ignore-path "All Mail"

Then click on Save & Close and restart eM Client.

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That fixed it, thanks a lot!

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