Pro's Prefeer Pressing the keys of a keyboard

After a successful request for week numbers in the calender (thanks!), we bought 10 licenses. Now we want to have some attention to keyboard use. I see many requests for additional control of the suit using the keyboard.

At #1 we want to have PageUp, Arrow keys, etc, control the calender using the keyboard.

Why: because real users don’t use mice, they prefer the keyboard.
Just sit and think: how can I control it without the mouse? What are the de facto stds?

arrow keys are already working. PageUp and PageDown keys are working also except day and week views. Good idea, we will add it at our todo list.

There should be much more extensive keyboard navigation. I’m another user who avoids the mouse like the plague, and I resent it whenever a program forces me to reach for the mouse - which eM Client does a lot!