Proper way to disable an email account

I have an IMAP account that I keep only for the emails already sent and received. The domain doesn’t exist any longer. Every time EM Client starts or when I do a sync refresh, it asks for the password in order to access the server (there is no server any more). How can I set up the account in order to not have that password request? The SMTP service is disabled. When I disable the IMAP service, the email account gets hidden.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Luke,

I was just reading a Topic or Thread out of curiosity when I saw your post.
Check this and go to post 9 by Jay Ogram

So the path is Menu -Tools -Accounts - General tab and choose the account
and go to the bottom of that section - as shown in the screenshot.
Untick …

Whether this is the proper way or not, so long as it does what you want…


Thanks DiggerP.
I have that option setup as recommended. The app still asks for an password on startup.

Thanks for the feedback.
Strange ,because I tested this for myself (usually do) and unticking the sync option
results in not sync’ing that account. hence no request for PW…
It just ignores that account.

But I don’t sync the app on startup, but do so on demand.
Shouldn’t make any difference I think…

Not sure wat else should be ticked or unticked…