Progress Bar for Tasks

In my EM Client, tasks show up in the Calendar pane at the bottom and in their own Task pane. I love the Task feature, but I think I have an idea that can make it better:

When you double click on a task, you can change the “Complete” field, so if you’re halfway done you can change it to 50% complete. This feature should be incorporated into a progress bar that shows up in both of the places that Tasks show up - in the calendar and in the task pane.

In the calendar, it should show up as a progress bar that is either darker or lighter than the colour of the Task. In the task pane, it should just be a green bar inside a white black-outlined bar or something like that.

Furthermore, I’d like a colour change in the calendar for completed tasks. Eg when I click the flag to say a task is complete, I’d like it to change from blue to grey, or blue to light blue, or something like that. At the moment, it shows up with a checkmark and crossed out, and that’s good but I think not enough.

Hi, Unfortunately we are not planning to implement this in close future, because we focus on more required features requested by our clients/users.

Also we thinked about this and we found no suitable place where we could put it.