Program slow to open.

I am using Version 7.0.26687.0. When I first started using eM Client a few months ago it worked great. Now… about 80% of the time when I open it, it takes a very long time time to start. On some occasions it even freezes up my desktop for a minute or so when it is loading. Once open it will occasionally do the same thing when I start a new e-mail or try to reply to one. 

Just to clarify, I have a fast PC and am an experienced user. This is not a startup program issue or power issue. I have two accounts setup in the client, one POP3 and one IMAP 

Everything else runs fine and this program ran fine for awhile. I am thinking it maybe just got corrupted a bit in one of it’s upgrades and that deleting and reloading may be the solution but I thought I would post here for other ideas before I did that.

Anyone else having this problem?