Program messed up since latest patch

Ever since I downloaded the latest 6024928 patch my email has been messed up.  I collect mail via IMAP on a gmail address and it was worked fine til now.  Every time it goes to collect mail if it doesn’t find anything it puts a grey square with 3 white dots in next to my Trash folder.  I’m also getting a lot of errors in the log saying that the program has been unable to sync with the server and that mail I’m sending can’t be placed in the correct folders, yet when I look it does put it in there.  Can you please provide a download link to the previous version as that worked fine.

It’s also producing a lot of duplicate messages in one of folders which it never did before and I haven’t changed any settings so it’s clearly a bug in the latest version.

we have not encountered any of the mentioned issues, could you perhaps copy the content of the Tools>Operations>Log window when these problems occur so we can try to figure out the cause?
I can provide you with a link to the previous version 6.0.24316, but I must warn you that version 6.0.24928.0 contains a very important bug fix for the month view of the calendar and the application might crash. Also, please be aware that you must uninstall the newer version before you can install an older one.
If you experience the crash, you will need to update back to 6.0.24928.0 anyway. If you provide more details for the issues you experience with your gmail account, we’ll gladly assist you.