program hanging

I’m about ready to give up on emclient. It is the only unstable program on my pc.

It seems to be getting less and less stable. With the last three versions I had the same problems.

  1. The program has the strangest hangup I’ve ever seen. Every so often, say once every few days you can’t click the program to select an email. What seems to happen is the click acts like the program isnt there and it selects the program sitting behind the current window. For example I have both emclient and discord running on my secondary monitor. Emclient is fullscreen and currently at the front. I try to click on an email and suddenly discord is there. It then takes a bit of clicking back and forth between the programs before emclient is working again and you can use it. Very iritating.

  2. Emails registering as read frequently either fail to happen or take ages to occur. I currently have the program set to make a selected email to show as read after 1 second. Several times a day new emails will either have to be manually set as read or they will take 20 - 30 seconds or even longer to change.

it’s almost as if this program get’s frequently stuck in loops and can’t function for periods at a time.

I use this program for my work and it’s failing on me enough that I am seriously considering moving on to something else. It’s at version 7 for crying out loud. It should not be having these sort of issues after so much development. 

I think your best solution is to open a ticket via Pro Support, and hopefully they will be able to assist you.