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15. Toronto - Oh my! Two average teams in a row rated higher than the standing show. Why the Leafs? They play hard, have a good power play, and you gotta love Stajan and Toskala. No more “slow Leafs slow”.
16. Nashville - Here’s hoping Shea Weber passes JP Dumont as the team’s leading scorer. A defenseman leading a team in scoring, how cool. Dan Ellis is underrated too. If they would just change the name if the team to the Nashville Cats and put a guitar on the jersey I would love them.
17. Columbus - Broussard looks like the real thing and Nash is healthy. Goaltending is decent but they are not deep and play like a bunch of stick artists. Would be runner ups to the Portland Pirates of the American League.
18. New Jersey - How important is a goalie to a team built for defense? Just watch. They simply don’t have it. Pathetic powerplay. Big Lou might even make some trades this year. They have a good core.
19. Phoenix - Bryzgalov, Doan, and Jokinen want a powerplay for Christmas. They could eventually be vastly improved but need to get some scoring touch.
20. Carolina - Cam Ward lifts this pathetic bunch to number 20. What’s funny is that on some nights they actually look decent. Maybe a coaching change? I couldn’t find and Hurricanes in the leading scorers - not even close.
21. Philadelphia - Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. They have more cracks than the Liberty Bell. Last couple of years they were getting so cocky too. Marty Biron should sue for non-support.
22. Ottawa - Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of guys. OPI Elegant Spain Sorry I just can’t stand Murray. Come on, Heatly, Alfreddson, Spezza - Don Cherry may turn loose on all of them soon. Who needs a goalie when you can surround about six talented guys with cheap shots?
23. Colorado - Wish they would trade Stastny - I really like him. Cool uniforms and Budaj - that’s about it.
24. Edmonton - Can’t score, can’t play good defense, and lousy goaltending. Talk about bad moves. They went way backwards this year.
25. Atlanta - Brian Little and Kozlov are the only bright spots on injury riddled “Bird Team” They also play a little chippy and can’t really back it up.
26. Los Angeles - Goaltending is very good. Young Stars are good. There are not enough of them. Big market mishap here.
27. Dallas - Don’t blame Marty Turco for the NHL’s biggest team disappointment. They can’t seem to do anything consistently.
28. Florida - Another team much like LA. Good goaltending and not much more - Sure trade Jokinen - go ahead - make my day.
29. Tampa Bay - I rated them last because they are the laziest team in hockey. Lot’s of talent. Just lazy. Can’t blame goaltender Mike Smith for horrible power play. Some nights they wake up and then go to sleep for another week. It was not Barry Melrose - It’s the team leadership.
30. NY Islanders - Doug Weight is their leading scorer. DOUG WEIGHT!
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