Profiles Switch similar to Thunderbird

i have installed eM Client but i have not found Profilee Switch.
You can add this extra?…


eM Client does not support profiles so this feature would be useless, also you can change email addresses quickly just by clicking on leftside bar or when composing new message (email) near "from: " field.


profiles switch is very useful in the home with several person, i make an example.

I you install Thunderbird and then add:…

next time the user open Thunderbird, in the bottom right corner the user can switch between users, and when it switch, thunderbird will close and reopen with another email, address book, because there is another database.
If user1 open Thunderbird there is no possibility that can damage user2, user3 or other user profiles.
When you have all user under the same windows, every user can damage the latter.