Profile picture to change

When I send an email the receiver can see my profile picture. I try to change it in EmClient, I realized that I should change it at my server and after that EmClient will update it, am I right? How much time should I wait until it happens? Is there any possibility to make it quicker?

Yes, you are correct, the image is provided by your email service, or could come from an avatar service like Gravatar. It is not sent as part of the message by eM Client.

The time it will take to be updated on the receiver’s computer is difficult to judge because each email client refreshes the image cache differently.

If you want to clear eM Client’s avatar cache, so that the new avatar is properly displayed in eM Client, you will need to close eM Client and delete any avatar folders at C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\eM Client\

Otherwise I understand eM Client could take up to 30 days to refresh the cache on it’s own.

Of course, this does not affect what the recipient sees, just what you see on your computer.