Profile Picture added accounts autosync

Hello Everyone,

I have from all my added e-mail accounts on emclient uploaded a profile picture,recently I have changed from the original e-mail accounts my profile picture but on em client my profile picture haven’t automaticly changed I have to upload manually a new profile picture and stored manually I have to perform this action for every account separately
Can you please add an autosync feature to emclient that the profile picture always are up to date if the profile picture on the original e-mail account has changed

I hope you can apply my feature request

Kindly regards,
Geert Van Osch

If you associate a profile picture with your email address using a service like Gravatar, then it will change automatically on both your computer, and any one who you send messages to if their email client supports avatars.

eM Client refreshes the avatar cache once every 30 days, so it may take a while to update.