Profile Manager available for eM Client?

Currently using Thunderbird for most of my email addresses, but have been using eM Client for one of my most important email addresses – and am VERY impressed with it! I’m considering moving everything over to eM Client, but have concerns about how to handle more than one email address in the same client. In Thunderbird, I can create a Profile Manager and go to each email address individually, which is my preferred way to handle my email. Does this option exist in eM Client? This will definitely be the hook on whether or not I “go Pro” with eM Client. Thanks in advance for your information!

unfortunately this is not possible in eM Client, there’s an Account management window, but without this feature, you can disable/enable certain accounts (or even enable just one),
but it’s a bit more complicated than what you have in mind.

But if you’d like to see this feature maybe you can start an  “Idea” topic and let other users vote on the feature,
if the user feedback will be sufficient we might consider adding it in future releases.

I hope you understand,
Thank you.


Paul, thanks for letting me know! I really appreciate your prompt response to my question.

I guess I’ll be sticking with Thunderbird for a long time. *grin*