Professional eMClient real world use :((

For thos who are looking into eM Client, FORGET IT. I’ve paid for the so called " professional edition" of eM Client and it is not worth money. Its a waste money. I’ve used Thunderbird in the past and hated it BUT the current Thunderbird is much better and in many ways much better that eMClient. Try it out if you must.

I’ve been using Outlook Express for so long until Windows decided that it is not good for Win 7 anymore. Then I used Live mail but the interface is tied in so much to Win 7. The most annoying of it is, I have lots of subfolders to keep my inbox clean, when you scroll down to the folder you want, move emails into it, it then defaults back up to the top of the list. This annoying similar phenoma happens in windows explorer and is all over the forums

This was when I started looking for an OE “copy”. Like I said first up, I hated Thunderbird so I skipped it completely. The closes OE copy is Incredimail BUT its full of crap and attracts unwanteds like a speaker magnet. Meesoft OUTLOOK is tooooo FAAAAAAT. and with its 2g limit its unstable. For a few weeks I tried all available. Then I found eMClient by accident and thot YES my problems are solved. That was shortlived. However it was better than the others and thot that the issues (detailed below) would be taken care of by paying for it. I’ve been had, well 50 bucks anyway.

From the very beginning I’ve had issues that is still unresolved. The tickets are still opened. The support never get back to you till weeeeeeeks later or never…

As an IT Support eng, I can resolved issues myself, but this is not so if you are not.

  1. One MAJOR issue is the default font. It is set to 8. No matter what I do, templates, “saving as”, html, text or whatever else, I cannot get the default font to 10. All new, replies and forwards defaults to 8pts. If you change the font to 10pt before you start typing, it will only retain it at 10 pt if, and thats a BIG IF, you do not press the ENTER key, or move the cursor via the arrow keys. If for some reason you do that, it will revert back to 8 pts.

  2. Opening attachments - I’m spoilt by Outlook Express, where you can save as default so that you do not get asked if you want to open the attachements by the appropriate application. In eMClient, if you want to save click, you have to move the cursor onto the attachement, wait for the pop-up then click on open. This is annoying when, in this day and age, when you receive 10s of emails or even 100s for some of you out there.

  3. eM Client do not want to be consistently the default email client even setting it as defaults in win 7. It will work some time and other time when you really are running short if time it will fail. Its very subsceptible to mr murphy. I think mr murphy is part owner of eM Client.

I have perservered for 3/4 months and could not anymore. My work schedule got busy and decided against some of my clients and my dislike for Thunderbird, install it on a test laptop.

The best thing is, once all the my default work prefrences are set, fonts are at whatever I set it to, default email works everytime and I do not have wait to click an attachment.

I finally made it to my “live” work pc, last week and imported all folder and (thousands) emails into it. Loaded it with mutiple email servers, including hotmail and yahoo when before it could not. Have had less issues (none) with this freebie than my 50buck “professional”

What attracted me to eMClient is its connectivity to gcal. But that has been resolved with Lightining for Thunderbird. I do not chat on pc except skype but it is a moot point with eMClient anyway because you still have to have skype loaded. Its not like you can save some disc space for skype with eMClient.

The only saving grace for eMClient is, I had to chat on yahoo for business (intercontinent) once and that was very convenient. I must remember to check this out if its available for Thunderbird, or if anyone out there can point me in the right direction.

Another issue today, I cannot log in to my “subscribed” forum as a paid eMClient subscriber hence I’m writing this in the open forum, blessing in disguise I guess since this forum is open to all.

Oh well, 50bucks down the gurgler. I guess I can diet some lunch to recover.

I pretty much copy this. emClient is no real alternative mail solution to MS OL or TB, lacking most of essential features (poor templating, no UI modification, e.a.). It’s OK as a freebie app for s.o. getting/sending a few mails per day. It’s crap for serious users…

Thot I was the only one having these issues.
I’ve been using TB since and been XCELLENT. I’'ve 'reated templates and signaturès.
I’ve also recommended to my customers who have migrated to W7 and even those who are fedup with MSOL, and have only praise for TB, mentioning how similar it is to msOE without the 2g limit.
I’m sad to see that SoftMaker is bundling them with their otherwise great MSO alternative to unsuspecting users.

Business world relies on MS Exchange + MS OL in any color (2003++) - and so I have to also… MS OL in office but TB at home (with useful addons like QuickText Pro and SmartTemplates and an addon for synching with Gcal. There seem to be no REAL competitive email client compared to MS OL.
Bundled emClient (SoftMaker Office Pro) lead to a lot of complaints regarding a user unfriendly licensing procedure…
Anyway, after testing emClient thorougly for a couple of days, I removed it due to lacking to much features .

True. BillyG has the biz world captured. However, me, I’m changing it one at a time. TB with the addons has a little advantage for moving forward with portable devices. I also use Gcal. TB is written in a free Linux mentality and therefore is so much more compatible with ios and Android.

I’ve installed TB with Gcal in one of my clients. They are airconditioning sales/service company with a few subcontract installers. The admin person uses TB with calendar to book appointments with end-users. The installers/service techs gets their appt updates via gcal on their ifon and Androids. The subbies can then accept or decline based on their schedule, and this gets updated back to office Admin TB’s cal. A couple of the more techie sub have mcbook, so it syncs there too. All this goes on without the BIG$$$$ hassle with mso. In fact $0 expense.

Where can you find a $0 app that does this? NO WHERE. emClient? ABSOLUTLEY NO WAY.

I guess that most young people use browser based email access (which could be done from anywhere). Business people in most cases have to use MSO since it IS INSTALLED. Open source apps only play a minor part when it comes to email clients. You actually can’t make a big money with any kind of email client - compared to the market leader - and companies often distrust open source apps or the open source apps fall short of expectations/don’t meet the corporate requirements. The most comprehensive email client I know of is Ritlab’s The Bat!
It really does a LOT - but lacks some essential features which could make it acceptable for corporate usage…,
I’m pretty happy with TB now and will still keep using it on my Windows and Linux machines…

I’vve been a cio in big corporate before and during that time, open source is a buggy experience. Hence its a case of once bitten never again. Now, I’m supporting little business independently and to theses small corps expenses is everything. So a good freebie gets me on their good side and my business going. Anyway we digress from this topic of crap eMclient.