Product evaluation questions

I recently installed and am evaluating eM Client. I am inclined to purchase it as a viable alternative to MS Outlook, which has been my primary email client of many years. I do have some questions, and I haven’t heard back from support[at]emclient[dot]com:

  • Is there a way to do automatic meeting invites processing (auto-accept/deline)?

  • Can the “From:” field be modified per-email? I mean, for a given email account, sending as ASDF[at]domain[dot]com from my USER[at]domain[dot]com account and have it delivered From: ASDF[at]domain[dot]com on behalf of USER[at]domain[dot]com

  • Sometimes I see mailbox refreshes spin forever. When I list the Operations I see the activity, but I don’t see any way to stop the operations. Is there a way to stop Operations in progress?

  • What should be my expectations about email support if I purchase a license? I sent two emails to support[at]emclient[dot]com and never heard back.

  • eM Client doesn’t appear to have good error recovery. A couple of times now for whatever reason a message did not go out when I sent it. It then sits in the Outbox. Nothing I do (restart the client, reboot the system, open the message and press Send again, etc.) gets it going.