Process the Junk Mail filters before displaying a new email popup


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I am unfortunately on an internet marketer’s mailing list, and no matter how many times I request removal, he fails to honour the removal request.

To get around this, I have added his email address to my junk mail list. The problem is, eM Client does not process the junk mail filters before popping up a new message notification.

My idea request is as follows:

  1. Please process the junk mail filters before displaying a new message notification. If the email is a junk mail, please do not display a new mail notification.

  2. Please allow us the option of permanently deleting an email from a particular email address without ever knowing it has been delivered.

The ideal would be: The junk email arrives and is deleted immediately. It must not even show inside the Junk E-mail folder, it must simply be deleted without any trace.

eM Client Version: 5.0.17263.0
Windows OS Version: 8 (32-bit)

Thank you.

This should be already implemented - when you blacklist an address/domain the notifications does not show up.

This function works as still not

You are right - we found the cause of the problem and will try to fix it as soon as possible.

What is happening now is when you delete Junk Mail it is still somewhat moving some but not all to the inbox.  I do not understand the logic behind moving to inbox.

Rule set to move Junk to Thrash and then delete thrash at exit, but still having problems in 7.0.26687 but not as severe as before this version.

Known bug - when you delete individual emails in junk folder they are going to inbox. Emclient has promised to fix in future maintenance release.