Probs after update

Emails don’t save as draft? just appears as if sent??? But I don’t think I sent it? Hope not, it wasn’t ready. I can’t tell. I am going to have to switch to another email client if this is not fixed ASAP.
It also shows the emails 2x in the viewing pane, the complete mails, as if it were sent twice. I don’t think it was but it looks like that.
Also , maybe I missed some notification, but I did not realize this would be a complete reinstall update, if I had known(or noticed) I would not have done it. I usually wait until some bugs are solved. NOT HAPPY with this update.


we are very sorry to hear that, you can run deduplicator for duplicate mails. Drafts can display as Sent due to server issues and unfortunately this is not issue from our end, sometimes server determine drafts as sent and it can be confusing.
Can you please specify what account do you use and is it just one account displaying this unexpected behavior?
Is it possible to get one of those emails as .eml attachment? You can send it as .eml file to