Problems with working rules

I have problems with working rules: I don’t have the e-mail stored according to the rule if it is part of a multi-replay conversation. I can I fix this issue?

Con you post a screenshot of the Rule?

Hi there,

thanks for replying. Here’s the screen-shot. Looking forward receiving your comments. Kind regards.
![]( 3 inline.png?1528958578 “Image https//d2r1vs3d9006apcloudfrontnet/s3_images/1735395/RackMultipart20180614-32843-1kp01p-Screenshot__3__inlinepng1528958578”)

If the incoming message does not have your name in the To or CC field, it will not work. If the sender has spelled your name differently, it will not work. So maybe that is not a good option. You could try the Sent to option using your email address instead, or just remove that option altogether. Otherwise looking at the Rule it should work just fine.

You might want to move this Rule to the top of the list. 

One last thing is that there are some issues with Rules and IMAP or Exchange folders; they don’t always work with online folders. Especially Rules with many conditions or where many Rules affect the same message. Also if the message has been read on another device, eM Client may not recognize it as a new message. On POP3 they work flawlessly. I have a support ticket open for this but have not had any useful feedback so far.

Hi there,

now it seems to work properly. Thanks for supporting. Kind regards.