Problems with sync

Please see image. This comes up regularly and I cannot find out the problem. Have tried everything which has been suggested. Any suggestions, I would be really grateful

Hello Rachel,
as the problem seems to be with your Outlook account with an AirSync setting, I am afraid that your mail server cannot be connected to using this protocol anymore.
Microsoft is slowly ending its support of ActiveSync/AirSync, so the only way to access your mail now will be to remove this account and set it up again manually as IMAP (Tools>Accounts>New Account>Mail>Other).


I have the same problem as Rachel. But when I apply your solution, there is no synchronization of Calender, Tasks and Contact.

  • Is there any workaround for it?
  • Also, is there a real solution on the way for full synchronization with accounts?
  • If so, is there any date know when this solution will be public?

Thank you in advance.

unfortunately the IMAP solution can indeed only work for Mail at the moment.
The discontinuation of AirSync was an unexpected move and we are working on finding an alternate way to synchronize with Outlook Calendar, Tasks and Contacts.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.