Problems with s/mime in MacOs (?)

I just have started testing em Client on my mac and I’ve some problems to get s/mime working. I successfully imported my s/mime certificate - but when I try sending a test-Mail I got an error “partial chain”.
The key seems to be successfully imported … my key normally is in the keychain of macos, using s/mime from my “normal” mailprogram works.

Any ideas what I can do?

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eM Client and Mac is not a good solution…


I am using eM Client on my Mac, but the problems with s/mime are related due to the missing s/mime integration.
This integration should be included to the release planing of eM Client. This feature request is going back to 2019 and maybe earlier (using search function of this board).

The current issue with S/MIME on the Mac is related to .NET.

It will work as expected once .NET 6 is released.

Hi Gary,

thanks a lot for your information. Actual .NET6 is in rc1 stage - hopefully it will not take to long.

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I’m testing the Client for my work. I have to use S/MIME and I can’t get it working. The certificate is installed and under MacOS Mail I can use it but not with eM Client. Is there a fix to get it working?

I use the version 8.2

We only officially support S/MIME on version 9. The version is currently in public beta but we hope to have final version shortly.

Yes that is anounced - however unfortunately S/MIME is not working on version 9 right now in my setup. I sent a report to testing@ … but I haven’t got an answer up to now.

I test the beta and it is not working. I can’t send a mail S/MIME Signature.

Can you tell me the exact version you used? We fixed more than one problem during the course of the beta program and it’s likely something that’s already fixed.

Sorry if you didn’t receive a reply. We were quite overwhelmed and we try to do our best to resolve all the reported issues.

I have the Version 9.0.661

I am using last published beta version 9.0.661 (450e1fd)

I just realized the new beta 3 version - 9.0.1360 (1949c99) - S/MIME signature is working now in my setup.

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Yes, with this Version S/MIME ist working.