Problems with program, correct account in diagnosis but not sent or receive.

the problem is I can’t use the program, does not receive or send, and the configuration of the account is ok. I do not understand.
What can happen?
I thought that with the free version could not use the program.
Turns out not download my IMAP account and therefore thought the program was unusable.
Can I use it? What I have to do to download my IMAP account?

Hi Daniel,

It seems sometimes to help to delete the account and add it again.


I already tried it and still the same problem. IMAP does not download my mail. It is the free version

I have also uninstalled and reinstalled

This is so.
Click send and receive nothing

And as you can see the diagnosis is OK.

For Gmail, you might need to add an ‘application specific password’ in Gmail:…

Hi, was reply from user Hans helpful to you?


good morning
Following the steps you gave me, still does not download or send.

I decided not to use the program, I can not.