Problems with lost configuration

I loved this application, I installed, I set yesterday and I used all day. I turned off the computer but today when I turned on my computer and I accessed the application, I saw that all my business was gone! I explored the application for help and I saw that there is a free license to be activated. I had several messages stored in local folders that remain in the same location in the folder and the application have saved this setting but it does not show the messages. How do I import these messages so that they appear in the application in local folders? I also lost the rules for this I can refazar.

have you perhaps changed your database folder location or upgraded to the RC version of version 7?


I use Windows 10 and my version is 6.0.24928.0. I downloaded, I set everything: account rules and the local folder. I use IMAP and I store in local folders the important messages, I always did it with all email applications. I left the app and turned off the computer. The next day I turned on my computer, opened the application and ALL the rules and messages and local settings are gone… My account had also been removed but I didn’t remove it! I checked the folder to check local files had been altered but it still as I left (very strange). No change or update occurred during this time, if it had happened I would know, I’m heartbroken because I lost important files and messages …

Are you perhaps using a different user account in Windows 10?