Problems with iCloud Calendars since update to 7.0


I updated my eM Client to Version 7 (Beta).
Since this update, I get an error message, when I try to synchronize my iCloud calendars.

My client is german. The translation of the error message is like:
“Error during synchronisation. The value is out of the expected range”

What can I do now?

I am also experiencing an issue with iCloud Calendar/Tasks and Contacts on version 7 beta 2. No issue with version 6. I use iCloud with two factor authentication - I have generated an app password. Installed version 6 and use the wizard to set up my iCloud account. No problem - everything works. Upgrade to version 7 beta 2, importing my settings from version 6. Mail syncs fine, but I receive a generic connection error for Calendar/Tasks and Contacts. Have tried re-entering the app password, did not fix. Reverted to version 6, no problems.


Try removing and re-adding a new app specific password for eM Client Beta 2 to see if that solves the issue. Thank you.


At first I had tried to re-enter the same app password, and then a newly generated app password, but the same problem occurred. Earlier today I completely removed my iCloud account and added it back in, with a new app password, and it is now working correctly.