Problems with iCloud and Em 7.0

First off, I love em Client.  Its my email client of choice.  I recommend it to friends and clients.  I don’t use iCloud for email, but I use it for Contacts / Calendars.  I successfully used email with iCloud Calendar and Contacts all throughout the em Client 6.0 era.  I use 2 factor, so with em I use an app password.   It was working for the first week or 2 of em client 7.0, today, it is crapping out every time.  :(  Help.  

Hello Kenny,
what exact version of eM Client are you currently running? Check the Help>About section for full version number.
Can you copy the error messages for me?


I am on 7.0.26482.0.     The problem that I described on Fri Jul 15 was happening from about Wed Jul 13 - Fri Jul 15.  I can verify that it was happening to another iCloud / Em Client user as well.  The problem seems to have gone away by the end of July 15 or July 16

this is so weird, and coincidental, but no more than  2 hours after i last replied did I start having sync problems between iCloud and em again.   I am only using Calendar / Contacts.  How strange.  I think its an iCloud problem.    This is just my opinion but while apple can say they support CalDav  and CardDav…I think they don’t really care about 3rd party applications.