problems with gmail sync

Please help. I have just downloaded this software for use with gmail. It will not sync with my gmail account. It does however sync my calenders and contacts. Does this product actually work?

Hi Parag,
eM Client should work just fine with gmail, is there any error pop-up appearing when you try to sync? Could you go to Tools > Operations > Log and copy the syncing data when you attempt to connect to your gmail account?

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  Are you saying that the syncing issues with Gmail that started over a week ago are resolved now? There should be NO issues with syncing that so many people were experiencing last week? If so I must have missed it on the forums. Please advise because I have en entire company using this product and SEVERAL have been having syncing issues. I was checking the forum several times a day for resolution. Did I miss something?

Hi Dane,
I am just not aware of any syncing errors that wouldn’t sync mail items. I’ve posted solutions to several different issues on this forum last week and this, but I just don’t know what Parag is referring to.
There was an issue with Contacts on Google servers last week, but that was resolved, and some users experienced an issue with Google’s new authentication system that we fixed in our new release. If you experience any issues with gmail, try downloading and installing this release ->… or please start a new topic/look for your exact problem solution here on the forums.

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Thank you Olivia. I will try the new version today.

  • Dane

Yes, this is the Contact sync error, I have described the solution to this many times. Please follow the same instruction as here >…