problems with email accounts

I have just set up 2 mail accounts on the same computer with 2 different logons.(windows10)
The problems is that I also receive all mails that are adressed to my wife on the other account.
We have different mail adresses but same user id and password

Hi Lennart,
I am not sure how is it possible to have the same ID and Password to a mail server but have different addresses.
By definition that must be the same mailbox (just with aliases?).
Even if you have different Windows user accounts, if you synchronize with one mailbox, you will have the same emails in it.
Can you please explain this situation more? I really cannot understand.


Hi Olivia,

I made a misstake with the configuration of the accounts.
You are right. Problem solved.

Best Regards

I also have the same problem and have tried to rectify it but cant.  How did you overcome the problem, I am a first time user and would love to find out.
regards Frank

Hi Frank,
I do not know how Lennart solved his problem, but if you describe your problem more I can try to assist you in solving it.
Do you have both of these accounts set under one windows user account? Or what exactly seems to be the problem?


Olivia when i installed the Prg. and imported my settings, for some reason it didn’t bring my 2nd A/C over. Yes i have 2 a/c on the same window with different e/mail a/d when i used Thunderbird there were no problems. I have tried different settings when doing the 2nd a/c setup but all emails still come to my primary account

Hi Frank,
I just wanted to get a better idea of your set up.
Do you have any forwarding rule set up on your server or in Tools>Rules?
Does the second account have it’s own Folder tree, but the messages are forwarded to the first account?
Could you screenshot the folder structure in the left side Mail menu for me?


Olivia no there are no rules set up and yes the 2nd account has all of the folders, wish I could get set up as I like the Prg. ![]( 1 inline.png?1456446995 “Image:”)