problems with duplicated sent emails + lots of the same email addresses

after sending an email (single) when i look in the sent folder, each email has been duplicated.

one of your experts suggested disabling conversations, which i have done but the problem still exists. i’ve include a pic

also in the contacts column / folder many of the contacts are now multiple contacts as per included pics

Can you check using the web interface for GMail and see if the same contacts and sent items are duplicated?

If they aren’t then it probably means that your eM Client database is corrupt. Because this is a GMail account setup as IMAP, your best bet would be to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. To do that go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and delete the GMail account. Then in the same screen you can add it again.

looking on google gmail site only one sent email is duplicated. i’ll keep my eye on that over the next few days. 
also on the google gmail site non of the contact have duplicated at all. 
will try what you advise.
 get back to you later

also i forgot to mention are the two contact folders as per pic. maybe thats something to do with the problem??

If you untick the Local Folder contacts, then the display will only be the ones in Google Contacts.

If you then only see one of each contact, it means that you have two sets; one local and one on Google. Just delete one set.

many thanks will do.  one of the names as 15  duplicated email addresses . how can this happen and how can i stop it

In that case I would think it is because of database corruption. It is not something that I have seen personally with my database, but it does happen.

many thanks it seems to be cured now, fingers crossed.

i went into the gmail account and turned off, the  rmaking reply emails to new contacts  into contacts off

I don’t receive any message on email. neither on gmail. the only message I receive is on my Ipad  on another messagerie
can you help me please
marie montandon  email: or

Well, this is really a different question from what John was asking.

But if you can provide any error message you are getting, that would be helpful. You will find the errors in Menu > Tools > Operations.