Problems With Downloading & Windows 7

A friend of mine is having problems with his eM Client and windows 7. Both on his laptop and pc he was getting errors not sure what but I told him to uninstall eM Client and download the latest version directly.
He went ahead and uninstalled it from his pc and tried to download the latest eM Client but he says it won’t download even though he seems to have an internet connection?

martes 09 mayo 2023 :: 1637hrs (UTC +0100)

I suppose the first thing to say is, “A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.”

1./ Was a backup of the installation of eMC made before delete?
2./ How EXACTLY was eMC deleted?
3./ Was the database preserved?
4./ Was the error on both computers?
5./ What version of eMC was installed?
6./ You must know if there is an internet connection - try
7./ Reboot computer and try to download eMC here:


I know it is probably a stupid question to ask, “What was the error?”
But if you really do not know, I need to ask you a question;
“How long is the piece of string?”
I guess you will now understand the problem.

So now you need to answer some questions before you can get any more help.


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