Problems with displaying emails

Suddenly I keep having problems with the displaying of my emails.
One day everything worked all right, then suddenly not.
When I have an email exchange I want to see all the previous email when I open the last one (so I can reply again).
But I don’t see the text of the previous mails anymore, just a lot of blue cirkels with some letters in them.
I can not fix this, whatever I trie.
Does somebody have a solution for this? Thanks a lot.

Can you capture enough of your screen so we can see what you are talking about? Then post it here.

Its just a function issue. There is no change in the regular screen view.
Why sometimes the search engine doesnt show the most recent emails, when the filter should be showing them ?

So, you are saying that you do a search and the results are not displayed with the newest items on top? If that is the case, try changing the display sort and then go back to sorting by date in descending order.

not working, seems the issue is that the Gmail account is not downloading the emails, so they are not shown in the search?