Problems with 8.2.1721

Since I installed version 8.2.1721 I have had a number of problems retrieving mail from AOL. I have no problems a majority of the time, but I receive various error message regarding authentication after I use it for a while. Another odd problem is after I use EM Client for a number of minutes, I will delete a message and it will go away and then come right pack to my queue. If I exit EM Client and reopen it, everything will work for a while before I start getting errors or this strange problem deleting messages. I had not had these issue prior to the upgrade I made a week or so ago. Also, I am seeing a much larger number of junk emails in my inbox.

I would upgrade to version 9 if I thought it would fix these problem, but don’t want to pay for the upgrade to find out it works no better.

Should I reload an older version, or try the upgrade to version 9? Any suggestions would be welcomed.

For the AOL issues, these are server issues with the Yahoo! server. You will need to contact them for assistance as their server is broken.

For the junk emails, open your webmail interface for the account. Select the message and mark it as spam. The server will learn from that and automatically move similar messages to spam in future.