Problems when mail address starts with equal sign '='

We use group mail addresses that start with an equal sign. Unfortunately this causes some problems.

In either sender or recipient field with received and sending mails, the address gets shortened after the euqal sign. Usually missing one or two letters.

Mail address: =[email protected] gets cut to something like =[email protected] or [email protected] (I have seen both versions)
It is a problem when [email protected] also exists and you do not notice the error and send the mail to the wrong mailing list.

You can easily reproduce the error simply by creating a new mail and enter =[email protected] into the “To” field. You can click into the address and correct it, but that bug makes the client almost unusable for our company. I do not see people always paying attention to this matter sending constantly mails to wrong mailing list or getting error responses because the address does not exist.

If anyone knows how to fix this on client site, please let me know. Otherwise I am afraid it is a bug that needs to be fixed.

Best option, as a Pro License user, is to open a support ticket with eM Client. They will either be able to suggest some solution, or pass it on to the developers to be fixed.

I was afraid so :D. We would only buy licenses if this problem has a chance to be fixed. I was only using the test version so far and evaluating the usability. Thanks for your answer.

Yeah, I think it can be a bit frustrating when evaluating a product not to have direct access to the company for support.

But I have looked at the issue and found a workaround.

When entering the email address in a new contact, enclose it with <>. so enter <=[[email protected]](mailto: [email protected])>. It will automatically remove the <> and the address is now fully formed as you require.

A bit of a chore, but useful until something can be done.