problems to sync folders after changing name

I ve changed the name of some folders and after that I “lost” many mails…Even doing an “actualize” the old emails dont appear… In the original gmail account of course the mail are there…
Shall I to reinstall everything?:frowning:

If you renamed folder in gmail  make sure the show IMap is cheked  on gmail so it will show up on emclient.
Where di you rename in gmail on emclient
what do you mean actualize
Old emails do not appear  your mean the old folder names ?
what version of emclient 

You could also try to repair the folders. Right-click on the account folder and choose Properties > Repair.

I’m having this same issue, was there an actual resolution. I created the folder in EmClient and moved emails to it. The folder shows up fine in Gmail, but has disappeared in EmClient along with all the emails. The funny things is I can search for one I know is in that folder and it finds it and hovering over categories shows the new folder name I created, but the folder is not there. Help! I tried the repair, nothing. I have tried restarting EmClient, nothing. 

Move your mouse  over the account name in emclient in the mail screen       right click  and you will get a pulldown one will say hide/show  click that and see if the folder you created is hiddden or not.
Also check in gmail  settings    labels   that the folder you created  has the  Show in Imap is checked. 
also  All mail  must be checked   Show in Imap.

I had already tried that and they were not hidden. I ended up just removing and re-adding the account and everything was there. Note to self, make the changes in Gmail and not EmClient, seems to work better.