Problems still not fixed.

I waited a while to come back to EM client 7 hoping certain issued would be fixed. 1st, still no access to shared/public folders from office 365 on line, 2nd, I can’t change the color of a shared calendar without error and the program crashing, 3rd, V7 still has no way to make a custom theme. I have to create my custom theme in V6 then ‘upgrade’ to V7.

Hello Gary,
1, Does the option for Public folders in Menu>Tools>Accounts under Exchange Web Services not work for your office 365 account? Can you elaborate on the issue?
2, Can you please copy the error message/crash report you see when you change the color?
3, Custom color themes as they were in v6 will not be added in v7. You can edit the theme file yourself though (which has always been an option).