Problems starting up em client 7 after update windows 10 to windows 10 anniversary

I have update windows 10 to windows 10 anniversary and after that em client version 7 doesn’t start up any more. In task bar you can see that em client takes a lots of cpu (nearly 25%) but it doesn’t start.

Have you done a system restart since installing Win 10 Anniversary update?

Give in “Run”, type:

shutdown.exe -r -o -t 0

For a complete restart of W10 is performed.

For me with Any versions of EMClient over the years on Win 7/8 & 10 when it won’t load (which wasn’t very often), normally closing the task via the tasks manager and reloading / rebooting EMClient fixes it.

If it only loads intermittently, remove all accounts in EMClient and readd them which will then normally fix the problem. It can be a partly corrupted mail store where the built-in consistency checker doesn’t quick fix it 100% even though the mail client will load.

I had the same issue on my computer and on the computer of my wife (both eM Client 6) after the anniversary update of Windows 10. Because I had also some other issues on my computer after the anniversary update, I have restored a complete backup of my system and replaced Bitdefender with F-Secure. (I don’t know whether this change in antivirus was needed by the way.)

I can not yet restore a backup on the computer of my wife, but it’s very frustrating that eM Client doesn’t start. That is to say, I see +/- 30% CPU usage of eM Client, but I do not see a user interface, nor any error messages.

@Hans van Dop: did you manage to solve your issue?

Since updating to EMClient V 7.0.26787.0 and Win 10 Aniversary update seems to be loading ok currently. This version has a lot of bugs.

When I removed Bitdefender 2016 from the computer of my wife, eM Client was working correctly again! With user interface, I mean.

So I’ve replaced Bitdefender with F-Secure, and things seem to be okay for now.

Thankz Hans for that info :slight_smile: