Problems searching mail in version 6.0.19861.0

Hi - since downloading the latest version (6.0.19861.0) my email search feature is not working at all. It always comes up with no matches (even though there is). Any ideas?

Did you specify in which folders eM Client should look for text and in which fields?

These are hidden options.

see also here:…

Hi, could you tell me what were you trying to find and how have you tried to do that?


Hi Jan,

Here are some screen shots to help explain what I am doing:
Screen 1 eM - I’ve highlighted the mail from Stephen so you can see it is in my inbox:

Screen 2:
I have searched using Stephen’s email address and the from: - here are results:

I have tried this using different email address and different fields - always brings no results.
This was working before - but noticed this a few weeks ago.
Any ideas?

and without “from:” is it working?


Hi Jan - I tried it without the ‘from’ - it still doesn’t work - no messages

Hi Lisa,

Did you select in which e-mail fields eM Client should look for text? Like I wrote in my first reply?

Hans - you’ve solved it! Thank you so much for that. I had read your initial comment above thinking you meant select the field ‘from’ etc. I went back now and had another look at your screenshot and it is now working. Much appreciated - thanks for your persistence!

Fixed - thanks to Hans Nieuwenhuis. Take a look at Hans’ first comment with link for solution. Much appreciated Hans!