Problems searching for incoming emails

For a few days now, the free search for emails from the free search field using keywords doesn’t seem to work anymore. Yet the emails I’m looking for are there, as there are in the Gmail webmail. Is there any function that allows to rebuild the DB ? What can I do ? Thank you

Click the down-arrow in the search box and set the folders and fields where you hope to find the result. Best is just to select the most encompassing ones. You can also untick the server search option. Then try the search again.

Thank you.
The search is however very slow.
I also noticed that even incoming emails, even text-only, when I click to open them, the system takes a long time to open them, something that didn’t happen before. Let’s not talk about the attachments, sometimes it takes a few minutes. Other suggestions ? Thank you

Disable the server search.

The problem is there even without doing a search.
I see a new mail in the inbox, if I go over it and look at the preview box I see the gray ribbon above the box that continues to scroll without the box showing anything…for several seconds…long before I see the message. I’ve never had this problem before.
Everything is very slow in every feature of the program.