Problems deleting old mail even though it has been removed from yahoo mail server

I use EM Client to access my yahoo / ymail mail and therefore I am using the IMAP synchronisation.
During the update I could not access EM Client and therefore I went straight to my mail on the yahoo server - I deleted some of the mail on the Yahoo server.
The problem is now, after having updated - The old mail that I deleted is still stuck in my inbox on the EM Client. But if I log into Yahoo - the mail is not there.

Please help.

Hello Bonny,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please try the following steps?
Turn Conversations off (Menu -> View -> Conversations -> Disable Conversations)
Turn eM Client off
Go to eM Client’s installation folder (something like C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client) and run DbRepair.exe (not the DbRepair.exe.config). Wait until the database check is completed.
Turn eM Client on

If that doesn’t help, please right-click on the folder that the messages are in, select Properties -> Repair and click on the repair button.

After that, you can also try removing your account from eM Client and then adding it again (please note that all locally stored data will be lost, but if you have your data on the server, that shouldn’t be of concern. You can make a backup just to be on the safe side).